About Iqbal Urdu Cyber Library

Iqbal Urdu Cyber Library is the first digital library of Urdu books also known as virtual library of Urdu language. You can read Iqbal studies (Iqbaliyat), Urdu literature, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Shairy, Urdu Afsaney, Urdu Ghazals and Other Urdu Classics right from the comfort of your Home
  •      Iqbal Cyber Library is owned and governed by Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
  •      Iqbal Academy Pakistan don't seek any material or commercial benefits from this work.
Our Motivations
  • We are inspired by project Gutenberg. It's spirit, enthusiasm, approach and work.
  • Urdu is 3rd largest (or 2nd Largest as some experts say) spoken language of the world and still there are not a handful of Urdu books online.
  • Urdu can not be a rich language in cyber space until and unless a great work is done by Urdu community. We have made this start to as our share in this long journey.
Our Goals
  • Sole goal of Iqbal Cyber Library is to provide cyber reading facilities to all the Urdu lovers in the world.
  • We publish Urdu books in several different formats to be accessed freely by every one.
  • We want to facilitate Urdu reading by utilizing this new and inexpensive medium of digital book.
  • We want to help Urdu nourish to get its real position in the world languages.
  • Books are available from Urdu classics, Urdu Poetry to Iqbal study and beyond
  • Available books are also released in the form of a CD.
  • Other than books you can also download screensavers, wallpapers etc.
  • We want to publish 500 Urdu Books online by 2008.

Our Appeal
     We NEED your help in achieving above goals. You can help us in several ways